Founded over 10 years ago, Vulcan® Systems began as a provider of quality reconditioned recycling equipment.

In the past decade, Vulcan® Systems has grown from a small regional company into an international leader in thermal processing. Today, Vulcan® Systems serves customers on five continents and in more than 80 countries, using research and development to create customized thermal systems for a wide variety of processes. Vulcan® Systems takes pride in providing a full range of services for each client, from testing and design to commissioning, training and maintenance support.

Why Vulcan Systems

Vulcan Systems provides thermal systems for industrial applications, helping clients reduce operating, storage and transportation costs, as well as assisting with meeting environmental regulations. Vulcan is a leading manufacturer in custom-designed thermal solutions.

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Vulcan® Systems provides proven drying, calcining, incineration and thermal desorption systems to clients in many industries, including, but not limited to, oil and gas, agriculture, mining and chemical processing. Our highly qualified and experienced staff offers support for every phase of the process, resulting in a thorough and economic thermal solution.

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Vulcan® Systems' blog provides accurates News for Now.

Case Studies

Vulcan® Systems has compiled case studies from a vast variety of systems that have been commissioned to job sites around the world.


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White Papers

Vulcan® Systems provides white papers with topics ranging from capturing mercury emissions and incinerating hazardous waste to mining and processing iron ore.


From our early beginnings, Vulcan® Systems has been client-focused. Today, we continue that tradition by offering a catalog of our new equipment components. If you are not in the market for new components, we house one of the world's largest on-site inventories of quality reconditioned components as well.

Why Vulcan®

Welcome to Vulcan® Systems, where custom-designed thermal systems assist clients from a host of industries reduce operating, storage and transportation costs, meet environmental regulations and find sustainable energy sources from what used to be waste material.


Headquartered in Moberly, Missouri, half an hour north of Columbia, Vulcan® Systems is a major manufacturer and global dealer of market-leading thermal processing equipment, designed and fabricated by our in-house craftsmen.


We are a dynamic, fast-growing company, leading the charge to improve our environment. By providing innovative, cutting-edge technology, we help to reduce the consumption of our limited natural resources and provide efficient and economically viable options to recover waste that would otherwise go to landfill or pollute the environment.