Benefits of Manure Derived Fertilizer

Vulcan® Systems Technology was developed to address the growing problems produced by the oldest and most natural fertilizer in the world...manure.

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Historically, animal manures have been handled as a solid and were either directly deposited to pastures or collected along with shelter bedding and applied to land as a crop nutrient. As the concentration of animals on farms increased, the need for more efficient methods of manure management developed. Hauling nutrients to cropland in raw form became very expensive compared to hauling the same amount of nitrogen or phosporus in the form of a commercial dry fertilizer. Until recently, despite the negative environmental impact, manure has not been strictly regulated. Now, amidst the conflicts over who is responsible for pollution caused by manures, new and more stringent regulations have been introduced.

Manure is an expected by-product of the livestock industry. If left untreated, manure is just that...manure, while properly processed manure becomes a value added marketable commodity, also known as fertilizer.

The composition of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other nutrients makes treated manure an excellent fertilizer. The organic matter also helps to improve soil structure, aeration, water infiltration and soil moisture-holding volume.

A dry fertilizer product has many advantages over wet waste applications including less potential for run off, an increase in the number of days available for application, as well as an exponential increase in available sites for application.

With uses in agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, and other industries, the potential markets for revenue generation are numerous.

See why we are a leading technology provider for animal manure nutrient recovery. Rethink how you dispose, eliminate disposal costs, and produce pellet fertilizer.

Problems Created By Manure

  • Pressure from government regulations to use alternative management practices.
  • Risk of serious environmental issues.
  • Costly disposal fees.
  • Fines if not disposed of correctly.
  • Hauling and storage challenges.

Solutions By Drying In A Vulcan® System

  • Disposal cost in many cases can be reduced or completely eliminated.
  • Drying and other conversion technologies we provide drastically reduce the volume of manure, adding value in the process.
  • Manure odors are reduced, and odor producers, such as ammonia, are able to be sequestered from the vent gas.
  • Produce a marketable dry pellet fertilizer or biochar, generating revenue from what was waste.
Poultry Manure Dryer
System Process Flow
  • 1 Feed Hopper with Bar Screen

    We understand that not all manures are created equal, and that the consistency of the manure, the arrangement of the feed systems, and the intended beneficial reuse will drive the selection of the material handling equipment. More Info

    Vulcan® provides best in class manure feed handling options for clumpy, lumpy, sticky and just plain trashy feed. We know how to handle it all.
  • 2 Feed Conveyor

    After passing through the feed hopper with bar screen, manure is transported up the feed conveyor, prior to being dried in the rotary drum. More Info

    Vulcan® Systems utilizes Tuffman® Conveyors in order to provide state-of-the-art conveyors for each system manufactured in our facility.
  • 3 Rotary Drum Dryer

    The work horse of the Vulcan® Manure Dryer System is the heavy duty, low temp, direct heating, rotary drum dryer. More Info

    The low temp dryer is extremely energy efficient and can be configured to utilize a variety of fuels or waste heat to perform the drying process. Our single pass system is a simple low cost method of producing a granular fertilizer. For a highly marketable product, our blending, dosing, and recirculation system produces a high value fertilizer pellet. Systems are available as stationary plants or built on a mobile platform.
  • 4 Material Discharge

    On discharge, all processed manure is sent to the client mandated location for re-purposing and re-sale. More Info

    However, the Vulcan® Systems Manure Dryer doesn't stop there. This system ensures that all particulate matter is removed in a safe and secure fashion, through the Air Pollution Control System.
  • 5 Cyclone

    Processing manure is not without its stink. Fortunately, the included Vulcan® Air Pollution Control (APC) equipment removes particulate and abates the odor. More Info

    For manure with high levels of ammonia or a super powerful odor, our multistage condensing and dosing systems ensure that the stink is limited to the sweet smells of success.
  • 6 Venturi Scrubber

    After particulate and vapors are passed through the system, the Vulcan® Venturi Scrubber provides a secondary precaution to help remove ammonia and particulate matter from vapors. More Info

    Vulcan® Systems takes environmental control and regulations very seriously, seen through our use of Venturi Scrubber technology in all of our manure drying systems.
Process Flow Diagram
Animal Manure PFD

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Example of a Drying System

Example of a Drying System