Take Your ASR from Landfill to Revenue

Creating an economic value from landfill waste, such as automotive shredder residue (ASR) is a big challenge that can produce a big payoff.

ASR Dryer

Vulcan® Systems Drying Technology is the key component of material preparation when separating ASR waste in order to reclaim energy and metals.

Vulcan® Systems ASR Dryers are engineered to dry automotive shredder residue, making the material easy to transport, separate, and handle by reducing moisture, weight, clumping, and volume. As with all Vulcan® Dryers, they can be customized to meet each client's individual project needs.

ASR Drying Systems consist of a drum with a burner that is mounted to a combustion chamber. Auto shredder residue is fed into the rotary dryer, to be thermally heated. After the material has been throughly processed, the dried ASR is discharged to a transfer conveyor for further sorting and separation. The vapors from the process are pulled through a cyclone that is designed to manage ASR particulates with the vapor stream. Any remaining fine particulates are remediated by the high-temperature baghouse.

Highly efficient Vulcan® Systems ASR Dryers keep material temperature under 185°F (85°C) while reducing ASR moisture levels to as low as 2% by weight. The dryers are fully automated, and production rates and material quality are easily controlled.


Learn More About the Thermal Drying Process

Thermal drying is a proven technology that can be used in a variety of industries and applications. Another example is in the agricultural industry where crops, grains, and animal feed can be dried to facilitate easier storage and more efficient transportation. These benefits can be seen in a large range of products, showing that almost any material can be appropriately dried in order to save time and money.

Schedule a Test in Our Pilot Testing Facility

Concerned about the feasability of processing your auto shredder residue? Schedule a test in our pilot testing facility where you will be provided with exceptional customer service, extensive experience, product ingenuity, and engineered solutions to help you find the perfect process for your material. Our testing center contains two units, one direct fired and one indirect fired, providing options to generate your desired results.

Contact One of Our Technical Sales Engineers

Ready to start working on the specifics for your very own Vulcan® Systems ASR Drying System? Our Technical Sales Engineers are available to discuss your project with you and determine the best course of action moving forward. Our team has decades of combined experience working with systems designed to help with auto shredder residue drying.

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Manufacturing Marvels - Vulcan® Systems

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Systems Testing Services

Vulcan® Systems Testing Services

Example of a Drying System

Example of a Drying System