Generate Renewable Energy with Biomass

Biomass produces a cleaner, renewable energy, reducing harmful carbon dioxide emissions, all while creating lower operating costs for power plants.


Biomass, the by-product of pulp and paper, agriculture, and municipal sludge, is perhaps the oldest source of renewable energy on Earth. Biomass' use in energy production is currently growing worldwide at an exponential rate. Studies show the by-product could provide up to 14% of U.S. electricity consumption in coming decades due to its clean, sustainable, and economical nature. The demand is present and with multiple challenges associated with drying biomass which need to be mitigated, it's smart to trust the experts at Vulcan® Systems.

When used on a variety of cellulose materials, such as brewers grains, grass, and sawdust, Vulcan® Systems Biomass Drying Systems increase the materials' energy value while also producing a high-quality source of energy.

Processing begins in the dryer. Vulcan® Systems' Direct Fired Rotary Dryers are proven performers, producing a high-volume, low moisture product that is consistent and easy to ship and store. After passing through the dryer, dried biomass is discharged to a conveyor for further sorting. The vapor from the process is pulled through the air pollution control system to remove fine particulates from the vapor stream.

Even though biomass is possibly the oldest source of renewable energy on Earth, when taken through Vulcan® Systems' drying process, it has more added value than conventional biomass. Vulcan® Systems will help you capture a new revenue stream in a biomass drying system while efficiently mitigating the processing challenges that come with air pollution, emissions, and vapor.

Advantages of Torrefied Biomass
  • Lower Transportation Costs

    Due to the pelletization afforded through torrefaction, materials become lighter, drier, and stable.

  • Open Storage Feasability

    Torrefied biomass repels water making it possible to store out in the open.

  • Cleaner Material

    Torrefaction removes moisture and volatiles, such as hemicellulose and ligins, from biomass turning it into a friable bio-coal with a high BTU value.

  • Higher Energy Density

    Torrefaction allows materials to be easily pelletized which increases energy density.

  • Eliminates Risks

    Decomposition is stopped and the risk of fire is reduced.

Reduce your need for ancillary power, and cut your operating costs with a Vulcan® Systems' Biomass Dryer, designed to process up to 100 TPH of Biomass.

Learn More About the Thermal Drying Process

Biomass drying systems is a specific application in thermal drying, a proven technology that can be used in a variety of industries and applications. One such example, other than biomass, is in the agricultural industry where crops, grains, and animal feed can be dried to facilitate easier storage and more efficient transportation. These benefits can be seen in a large range of products, showing that almost any material can be appropriately dried in order to save time and money.

Schedule a Test in Our Pilot Testing Facility

Concerned about the feasability of processing your biomass? Schedule a test in our pilot testing facility where you will be provided with exceptional customer service, extensive experience, product ingenuity, and engineered solutions to help you find the perfect process for your material. Our testing center contains two units, one direct fired and one indirect fired, providing options to generate your desired results.

Contact One of Our Technical Sales Engineers

Ready to start working on the specifics for your very own Vulcan® Systems Biomass Drying System? Our Technical Sales Engineers are available to discuss your project with you and determine the best course of action moving forward. Our team has decades of combined experience working with systems designed to help with biomass drying.

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Example of a Drying System