Cost-Effective Disposal of RCRA Waste

With over 40 million tons of recycled waste in the U.S. each year, operators are fervently searching for innovative methods to treat and dispose of RCRA wastes.

Vulcan® Systems' thermal desorption technology is a proven method for recycling RCRA wastes in a manner that is efficient, affordable, and compliant with the Resource Conveservation and Recovery Act of 1976. The technology devolatizes hydrocarbons and captures them in a condensor for potential use in fuel blending, while also allowing the delisted end product to be disposed of in a more safe and secure manner.

According to the EPA's website, "[the] EPA tried to develop hazardous waste regulations that balance the conservation of resources, while ensuring the protection of human health and the environment." Vulcan® Systems' technology meets the EPA's regulations to ensure that hydrocarbons can be re-used and, RCRA Waste, now delisted, can be appropriately disposed of without damage to the environment or public health.

At Vulcan®, it's understood that each process may vary based on the material needing to be processed. When choosing Vulcan® Systems for your RCRA Waste processing needs, you can be assured we will perform careful analysis, focus on compliance with regulations, and provide an array of different equipment options, engineered to meet the challenge and surpass your expectations, all while providing a safe, reliable, and simple to operate system.

RCRA Waste

RCRA Wastes Include:

What's Next?
Learn More About Thermal Desorption

While thermal desorption is often used to treat RCRA Waste that is threatening the environment, calcination can also be used to remove hydrocarbon from oil-based muds (OBMs). Thermal Desorption is one great example of how Vulcan® technology is unique in the industry. Our equipment is able to remove hydrocarbons and other oil-based contaminants safely from materials, allowing for safe re-utilization of the original feed in an appropriate setting.

Schedule a Test in Our Pilot Testing Facility

Concerned about the feasability of your RCRA Waste processing project? Schedule a test in our pilot testing facility where we will provide you with exceptional customer service, extensive experience, product ingenuity, and engineered solutions to help you find the perfect process for your material. Our testing center contains two units, one direct-fired and one indirect-fired, assuring you multiple options to garner your desired results.

Contact One of Our Technical Sales Engineers

Ready to start working on the specifics for your very own RCRA Waste processing system? Our Vulcan® Technical Sales Engineers are available to discuss your project with you and determine the best course of action moving forward. Our team has decades of combined experience working with systems designed to thermally process solid materials for re-use.

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Manufacturing Marvels - Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Systems

Manufacturing Marvels - Vulcan® Systems

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Systems Testing Services

Vulcan® Systems Testing Services

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Thermal Desorption Unit Systems

Vulcan® Thermal Desorption Unit Systems

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Compact Mobile Thermal Desorption

Vulcan® Compact Mobile Thermal Desorption

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> IDR Indirect Fired Thermal Desorption

Vulcan® IDR Indirect Fired Thermal Desorption

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Indirect Fired TDU w/ VRU

Vulcan® Indirect Fired TDU w/ VRU

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Thermal Desorption Unit

Vulcan® Thermal Desorption Unit