Why Spend on What's Already Been Spent?

"Spent" catalysts are strictly regulated due to the environmental concerns they pose, and since landfill disposal is unacceptable, companies suffer big expenses.

Spent Catalyst

Vulcan® Systems' technology removes the hydrocarbons from spent catalysts, recovering valuable materials such as nickel, vanadium, molybdenum, and platinum.

Avoid Excessive Disposal Fees

Catalysts are essential in the refining of petrochemicals into clean fuel and other valuable products. However, these catalysts become contaminated with impurities such as sulfur and coke. The resultant "spent" catalysts are stricly regulated due to the environmental concerns they pose. Strict regulations mean big expenses for companies producing spent catalysts as a result of their operations, since landfill disposal is unacceptable. With Vulcan® Systems, this doesn't have to be the case. Excessive fees, once incurred from TSD (treatment, storage, and disposal) facilities, are no longer an issue.

Receive a Delisted End Product

Spent catalysts are considered solid waste and are strictly regulated by environmental agencies, including the EPA. However, by processing spent catalysts through a Vulcan® Systems Thermal Desorption Unit, this solid waste can be converted into an EPA "delisted" material. The Vulcan® Systems spent catalyst recovery process is safer and cleaner to operate than chemical processes, creating a delisted end-product that is ready for disposal.

Process Catalysts, Recover Metals, Increase Profits

Process spent catalysts with Vulcan® Systems' Thermal Technology and recover precious metals, like nickel, vanadium, molybdeum, and platinum, to lesse you environment impact and increase your profits. Vulcan® Systems prides itself in being a global innovator in spent catalyst recovery technology.

The Advantages of Catalyst Recovery

With Vulcan® Systems' technology, the petrochemical industry can reclaim the value from spent catalysts. There are many advantages to utilizing Vulcan® Systems' technology in the recovery of spent catalysts, including high recovery rates, the availability of multiple system options (portable, size, cost, etc.), a minimized environmental footprint, and a quick return on your investment.

How is it done?

Vulcan® Systems' thermal desorption technology is designed to process spent catalyst in a way which separates metals from the catalysts' material. Once processed, the remaining material is considered "delisted" and can be disposed of easier and more cost-effectively. The process also destroys hazardous materials that are sometimes mixed with the spent catalysts. Vulcan® Systems thermal desorption units will process up to 5 TPH, with a return on investment typically within the first two years, largely due to the high value found within spent catalysts when hydrocarbons are recovered.

What's Next?
Learn More About Thermal Desorption Units

Thermal desorption technology isn't just used to delist spent catalyst, but is also used to process drill cuttings and tank bottom sludge. So, what makes our thermal desorption units unique compared to other systems? Our equipment is able to recover diesel or oil in a way which maximizes resaleability or use as fuel, providing multiple flows of income from one single system.

Schedule a Test in Our Pilot Testing Facility

Concerned about the feasability of your spent catalyst recovery process? Schedule a test in our pilot testing facility where we will provide you with exceptional customer service, extensive experience, product ingenuity, and engineered solutions to help you find the perfect process for your material. Our testing center contains two units, one direct-fired and one indirect-fired, assuring you multiple options to garner your desired results.

Contact One of Our Technical Sales Engineers

Ready to start working on the specifics for your very own Spent Catalyst Drying System? Our Technical Sales Engineers are available to discuss your project with you and determine the best course of action moving forward. Our team has decades of combined experience working with systems designed to help with spent catalyst recovery.

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