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A Key Piece in the Environmental Puzzle

Mar 28 2017 by Vulcan® Systems

environmental puzzle
we are key piece in the environmental puzzle

Go green. Recycle. Protect the environment.

These are phrases we have all heard and heard often.

Concerns such as resource depletion, increasing pollution, and environmental degradation are just a few of the environmental problems we face.

At Vulcan® Systems, we are doing our part by providing solutions. Through the use of our drying and thermal desorption technologies, we assist clients from a host of industries meet environmental regulations and, in many cases, process waste for beneficial reuse.

Just a few examples include converting coal fines into a fuel source, remediating contaminated soil, recovering diesel or synthetic oil-based lubricants for reuse in drilling mud, recycling animal manure for reuse as pellet fertilizer, and producing cleaner energy from biomass.

Contact Vulcan® Systems today, and let us help you help the environment.