About The Chemical Industry

The chemical processing industry includes a broad range of products, including inorganic chemicals, plastics, detergents, and paints and pigments.

Polymers and plastics make up about 80 percent of the chemical industry's global output. Chemicals are used to make a wide array of consumer goods, in addition to products for the agriculture, manufacturing, construction, and service industries.

The substantial use of chemicals leads to an abundance of chemical wastes. These wastes can be in the form of solids, gases, liquids, or sludges. Improper chemical waste management, including inadequate storage, treatment, transportation, or disposal, negatively impacts human health and the environment. In an effort to prevent future harm from chemical wastes and remedy current problems, regulatory agencies closely monitor chemical waste management.

Vulcan® Systems offers a high temperature thermal solution that eliminates toxins and pathogens in chemical waste, making handling and disposal easy and economical. With our proven process, chemical wastes no longer pose a threat to human health or the environment, and clients become regulation complaint.

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Chemical Processing

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