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With the mining industry facing weakening prices and a sluggish future, many mining companies are pursuing alternatives to their current practices in an effort to reduce expenses, improve profit margins, and increase product output.

Vulcan® Systems manufactures a complete drying system that can be applied to a variety of mineral drying processes including steel, iron, cement, coal, gypsum, iron ore, lime, and silica. Our systems include a pre-drying grinder/screen system and a complete bagging operation after drying.

Each drying system is efficient and operates cleanly. Energy costs can be reduced through the harvesting of sustainable energy from reclaimed ores, which lessens environmental impact.

With a variety of feed options available, a Vulcan® Systems dryer will meet your specifications.

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Manufacturing Marvels - Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Systems

Manufacturing Marvels - Vulcan® Systems

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Systems Testing Services

Vulcan® Systems Testing Services

Example of a Drying System

Example of a Drying System

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> 25 TPH Gypsum Dryer System

Vulcan® 25 TPH Gypsum Dryer System