About The Petrochemical Industry

Broadly explained, petrochemicals are the building blocks of literally thousands of products essential in modern life, from packaging to pharmaceuticals. Whether derived from fossil fuels or plants, petrochemicals are vital to the strength of manufacturing and the ability to compete in the global marketplace.

The petrochemical industry has a very high demand for affordable energy and for the economical disposal of waste products that can contribute to health hazards and environmental damage. Finding ways to control the costs of energy and waste disposal will be the key to the industry’s profit picture in years to come.

Vulcan® Systems offers custom-built thermal desorption equipment that meet the challenges facing the petrochemical industry. We have the technology to help you recapture energy from waste and/or facilitate waste disposal, while mitigating the risks to health and the environment. Our systems are extremely versatile and can process a wide variety of materials effectively. From testing, design, and manufacturing to set-up, training, and maintenance support, our experienced team will work with you to create a solution perfectly suited to your project, location, and budget.

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Manufacturing Marvels - Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Systems

Manufacturing Marvels - Vulcan® Systems

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Systems Testing Services

Vulcan® Systems Testing Services

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Thermal Desorption Unit Systems

Vulcan® Thermal Desorption Unit Systems

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Compact Mobile Thermal Desorption

Vulcan® Compact Mobile Thermal Desorption

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> IDR Indirect Fired Thermal Desorption

Vulcan® IDR Indirect Fired Thermal Desorption

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Indirect Fired TDU w/ VRU

Vulcan® Indirect Fired TDU w/ VRU

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Thermal Desorption Unit

Vulcan® Thermal Desorption Unit