About The Sludge & Wastewater Industry

Treatment and disposal of sludge and wastewater from a variety of sources, both industrial and municipal, is a high demand industry with terrific growth potential. With the pressure of EPA regulations, fewer options at landfills, increasing transportation costs and documentation, the demand for energy-efficient, automated, continuous drying processes and equipment is at an all time high. The key to success is know how. All sludge is not created equal; there is a need for careful analysis and state-of-the-art equipment.

Vulcan® Systems Rotary Dryers are designed for the challenge. Our dryers are continuous process systems; all operating parameters are controlled by a fully automated PLC system, with minimal need for operator attention. An integrated scrubber removes the vaporized water from the system and captures fine particulates. We offer systems in a variety of sizes to accommodate any project. Vulcan® Systems supports clients every step of the way.

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Manufacturing Marvels - Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Systems

Manufacturing Marvels - Vulcan® Systems

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Systems Testing Services

Vulcan® Systems Testing Services

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Thermal Desorption Unit Systems

Vulcan® Thermal Desorption Unit Systems

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Compact Mobile Thermal Desorption

Vulcan® Compact Mobile Thermal Desorption

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> IDR Indirect Fired Thermal Desorption

Vulcan® IDR Indirect Fired Thermal Desorption

Vulcan<sup>®</sup> Indirect Fired TDU w/ VRU

Vulcan® Indirect Fired TDU w/ VRU