Custom-Designed Equipment for Each Project

Vulcan® Systems engineers specialize in ensuring that each system that leaves our premises works exactly as defined by the client, and for those needing less customization, a pre-designed standardized unit is available.

Engineering Services
  • Basis of Design Documents

    The basis of design is where your project launches. Our engineering staff will put together a plan, from feed handling to discharge, to get you on the way to making your project come to life.

  • Process Flow Diagrams

    After the basis of design is complete, a process flow diagram (PFD) shows how the the whole system, equipment, and processes, interconnect and work together as a whole.

  • P&ID

    Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) lists all of the components that will make up your system. From nozzles to the complete downstream, every part of the process is covered.

  • Mass/Energy Balances

    Our chemical engineering staff will determine the mass/energy balance of your process to make sure everything is accounted for through the process flow.

  • Utility Tables

    Along with knowing your emissions, our engineering team will let you know what sort of demand the system will require on or off the grid. Data includes water, nitrogen, and power usage.

  • Electrical Schematics

    Our electrical engineering team works with our chemical and mechanical engingeering teams to ensure equipment is operational in any environmental conditions.

  • Emissions Report

    Vulcan® strives to create environmentally conscience products. Our engineering team works through the numbers and can accurately predict what environmental footprint your system is leaving behind.

Asphalt Flux TDU

An Example of Vulcan Engineer's Drawings:

Example of Engineering Drawings
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