Installation and Commissioning Services

in order to ease the transition from manufacturer to client, our team of experienced engineers works with your employees on the ground to successfully install and commission your Vulcan® System.

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Installation and Commissioning

Commissioning is the process of verifying that all system components of a Vulcan® System are designed, tested, installed, and operating according to manufacturer standards, client standards, and environmental regulations. While this process is commonly utilized when a new system is installed in its new home, commissioning is a service that can also be provided per client request.

The commissioning process is simple, yet thorough. The engineer designated with the commissioning project will inspect each component of the thermal processing unit, from the conveyors on the feed system and the primary treatment unit to individual condensers and thermal oxidizers. If a piece of equipment is part of the Vulcan® Systems process, it will be thoroughly vetted during commissioning.

Vulcan® Systems' services begin long before the commissioning process begins. Vulcan® employees can be present on site during set-up and installation as well, supervising and ensuring that every component of the system is correctly set up. As each system will differ based on client needs and specifications, these services are integral to the longevity of the equipment, as it ensures that the equipment is not only set-up correctly, but that the unit meets Vulcan® Systems' high standards.

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