More Than Manufacturing and Design

When your Vulcan® System gets to your worksite, our work doesn't end. Our engineers will continue to work hand in hand with you and your team to help keep your unit operating at its best.

Engineering Services

Plant Inspection

Vulcan® plant inspectors will visit your site to evaluate the health of your equipment. Our plant inspections will also review operational guidelines, maintenance plans, and any logs available to ensure a productive operation.

Maintenance and Repair Plans

The key to maintaining a system in good working condition is proper maintenance and repair. Our engineers and maintenance on your Vulcan System, ensuring minimal downtime.

Additional Operator Training

Whether additional training is needed to help to prevent unnecessary downtime due to user error or to instruct on the proper use of the system, our staff will make sure your staff is best at what they do.

Spare and Replacement Parts

Not every component is manufactured to last a lifetime. When your system is delivered, a list of necessary spare and replacement parts is included, with a schedule of when each component should be replaced. Our detailed logs allow for faster lead times on the parts you need, when you need them.

Rental Units

Vulcan® Systems has developed portable units that can be rented on a month-by-month basis for clients who only need a system temporarily. Staffed by our very own in-house engineers, Vulcan® Systems will transport the system to your site and process your material at the highest quality possible.


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