With a Vulcan® Systems Rotary Drying System, moisture is evaporated from organic material. the refined end product, with the unwanted moisture removed, is now a commodity with beneficial use.

Vulcan Systems Rotary Dryer
System Process Flow
  • 1 Feed Hopper

    No two materials are made of the same consistency. Material handling equipment can be selected based on the consistency of the material, the necessary arrangement of the feed equipment, and the end use of the product. More Info

    Vulcan® Systems provides many options for any material being processed, whether equipment such as bar screens (seen in photo) are needed, or whether a material is clumpy, lumpy, or sticky.
  • 2 Feed Conveyor

    After passing through the feed hopper, materials are transported up a feed conveyor, prior to being dried in the rotary drum. More Info

    Vulcan® Systems utilizes Tuffman® Conveyors in order to provide state-of-the-art material handling for each system manufactured within our facility.
  • 3 Rotary Drum Dryer

    The work horse of Vulcan® Systems Rotary Dryers is the heavy duty, direct fired, rotary drum dryer.

    The dryer is extremely energy efficient and can be configured to utilize a variety of fuels or waste heat to perform the drying process. The dryer can be configured with either a parallel or counter-current gas flow, heating the material at different times during the process. For materials such as animal manure, our blending, dosing, and recirculation system can be added, producing a high value fertilizer pellet. All systems are available as stationary plants or can be built on a mobile platform.
  • 4 Material Discharge

    On discharge, all processed material is sent to the client mandated location for re-purposing, and if appropriate, re-sale. More Info

    However, Vulcan® Systems Rotary Dryers do not stop there. This system ensures that all particulate matter is removed in a safe and secure fashion, through the Air Pollution Control System.
  • 5 Cyclone

    Processing some materials is not without an odor. Fortunately, the included Vulcan® Air Pollution Control (APC) equipment removes particulate and abates the stink. More Info

    Additionally, for clients processing manure with high levels of ammonia, our multistage condensing and dosing systems ensure that the stink is limited to the sweet smells of success.
  • 6 Venturi Scrubber

    After particulate and vapors are passed through the system, the Vulcan® Venturi Scrubber provides a secondary precaution to help remove ammonia and particulate matter from vapors. More Info

    Vulcan® Systems takes environmental control and regulations very seriously, seen through our use of Venturi Scrubber technology in all of our manure drying systems.

The Versatility of Vulcan® Rotary Dryers

Remove moisture from a wide variety of materials, leading to re-sale and re-purposing.

Parallel and Counter-Current Flow

The flow of the rotary dryer will determine how a material dries while passing through the system. In dryers with a parallel flow configuration (also referred to as 'co-current'), hot gases enter the system alongside the wet material. This allows the material to come into quick contact with the hot gases at a high temperature, resulting in rapid evaporation of moisture. In dryers with a counter-current flow configuration, the hot gases enter the dryer on the end opposite the materials, allowing the material to come into contact with the gases at the highest temperature when already dry. Parallel flow dryers are often used for materials with a high moisture content, while counter-current are typically used for materials with a low moisture content.

Suitable for a Variety of Materials

Vulcan® Systems Rotary Dryers are equipped with flights, specifically designed in each unit to maximize the transfer of heat from the hot gas stream to the material being processed. Whether the material is fertilizer, minerals, industrial waste, coarse, or fine, the moisture content can be reduced to the needed percentage in order to fulfill the client's need. Minerals, coal, and animal feeds will typically have a high moisture content and need to be processed in higher temperatures, whereas chemicals, salts, sugars, and pigments should be dried at lower temperatures in order to avoid the overheating of the material.

What's Next?
Learn More About Animal Manure Drying

While thermal drying can be used to treat a large variety of materials, thermal drying is commonly used to remove highly volatile contaminants from swine, bovine, and poultry manure. Animal manure drying is one great example of how Vulcan® technology is unique in the industry. Our equipment is able to reduce or eliminate disposal costs, reduce the volume of manure, sequester odors, such as ammonia, and produce a marketable dry pellet fertilizer.

Schedule a Test in Our Pilot Testing Facility

Concerned about the feasability of your thermal drying process? Schedule a test in our pilot testing facility where we will provide you with exceptional customer service, extensive experience, product ingenuity, and engineered solutions to help you find the perfect process for your material. Our testing center contains two units, one direct fired and one indirect fired, assuring you multiple options to garner your desired results.

Contact One of Our Technical Sales Engineers

Ready to start working on the specifics for your very own thermal drying system? Our Vulcan® Technical Sales Engineers are available to discuss your project with you and determine the best course of action moving forward. Our team has decades of combined experience working with systems designed to thermally process solid materials for re-use.

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